Oct 28, 2013

Chinese Auction World Revealed

Another great NY Times article on the perils of the Chinese art market--this one designed for the web with very effective interactive components.

And a commentary on it that suggests the market is even more broken than the NY Times reported.China's Broken Art Market (Reuters blog by Felix Salmon)

Oct 22, 2013

The Poly Group--China's State-owned Auction Giant

More news on the booming Chinese auction market, focusing on the state-owned Poly Group.

Oct 10, 2013


Yet another great sale year for Chinese art, both old and new:
Bloomberg's article has the details.

Yongle-period gilt-bronze figure of a seated Buddha. Sold for US$30.5 million

Ming,  Chenghua-era “Palace” Bowl. Sold for US$18.2 million

 "The Last Supper" (2001) by contemporary painter Zeng Fanzhi. Sold for US$23.3 million, a new record for a Chinese contemporary artist at auction.

Oct 4, 2013

Considerations for Insuring Your Art Collection

A thoughtful, but somewhat simplistic, article in the NY Times, October 4, 2013: With Prices High, Insuring Art a Risky Business
At least it suggests getting an outside opinion of value from someone other than your insurance agent, but does not actually advise consumers to seek valuation advice from appraisers (like me), who possess specialized training in determining appropriate levels of coverage for their needs.

Why Hong Kong Auction Houses Are Thriving

An interesting NY Times article October 3, 2013: Niche Auction Houses Thrive in Hong Kong