Nov 24, 2015


ARTNET NEWS had an interesting and informative primer about pitfalls to watch for when shipping art today. ART SHIPPING NIGHTMARES AND HOW BEST TO AVOID THEM

1. Don't pack the art yourself
2. Get advice on a shipper - ask the registrar department at a local museum, gallery, or collectors
3. Get a professional to write a condition report (and include photos) before the object ships and after it arrives
4. Clarify if the shipper you choose will subcontract in transit and vet the trans-shipper too
5. Make sure loans get returned in the same crates in which you shipped them to the borrower
6. Shipping ephemeral materials have special challenges
7. Check shipping details like making sure the crate fits in the receiving location's elevator

8. (not included in the article, but always a good idea) - prior to shipping art you own, make sure your insurance coverage is up-to-date. Insuring for purchase price when the sale took place several years ago is not a good idea, because insurers may only pay damages on stated amounts and prices may have risen since then. In addition, purchase prices are not the same as insurance value, which includes additional fees such as potential taxes, commission fees, shipping, and insurance for the purchase of a replacement object if yours gets lost or damaged in transit.